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The Office of the Kingdom Chronicler is looking for a Contingency Deputy. The role of the Contingency Deputy is to administer the office of Chronicler in such case as the Chronicler(s) are unable to continue in the office. You will not be assumed to be the next Chronicler, though would be encouraged to apply for the position at the end of our term.

In the event of stepping into the role of Principality Chronicler, you would be responsible for:
• Publishing the Avantgarde as per Society Policy and Kingdom Law.
• Supervising all Chroniclers within Avacal, maintaining warrants and contact lists.
• Maintaining communication with the Kingdom Chronicler and Branch Chroniclers.
• Maintaining files pertaining to the office, such as financial reports, warrant list, publication release forms, Branch Newsletters and reports, and every copy of the Avantgarde.
• Recording and distributing minutes from Kingdim Business Meetings ("Curia").

Training in the above will be happily provided, if needed. Knowledge of document creation would be handy, but is not necessary. The process is being streamlined into one that anyone with basic working knowledge of computer programs like MS Office would be able to easily produce the newsletter.

Taking Applications

​Be a resource for areas interested in becoming a branch. Assist them with understanding of what activities and administration is expected of a branch and liaise with an existing branch for sponsorship. ​

Taking Applications

​The curia clerk will work with the Kingdom Chronicler and Seneschal to ensure that minutes are taken during Curia meetings held at Crown events and subsequently uploaded to the Avacal web site. 

If you are willing to help Avacal in this way please send an email outlining your skills and ideas for this new position to and

Taking Applications

​This officer is responsible for martialate activities related to Cut & Thrust. Details can be found in Avacal Law. 

If you are interested in this position, please direct questions to HE Reme. Applications can be sent to HE Reme (current officer), HE Toryn (Earl Marshal), and HE Roxanne (Kingdom Seneschal).

Taking Applications

The deputy Submissions Heralds report to the White Wyvern Herald, Avacal's submission herald and the Avacal College of Heralds would prefer to have two (one as the kingdom letter pursuivant and one for the society letter pursuivant). Please send a please send resume and letter of intent by November 30, 2017, include copies to Sanguinaris Herald –, Kingdom Exchequer - and to the White Wyvern Herald -

  • Deputies may handle submissions fees if approved by exchequer at submissions tables at events.
  • The kingdom letter deputy will assist in the creation of the kingdom letter of intent into OSCAR (Online System for Commentary and Response) from files in Dropbox on at least a every other month frequency. Once the Avacal decision meeting occurs, the kingdom letter deputy will notify submitters via OSCAR.
  • The society letter deputy will assist in the creation of the society letter of intent into OSCAR (Online System for Commentary and Response) based on the decision meeting. Once the Society Letter of Acceptance and Returns (LoAR) has been published, the society letter deputy will notify submitters via OSCAR.
  • Knowledge of heraldry would be handy, but is not necessary. This is an administrative position. Knowledge of computer programs like OSCAR, DropBox, a graphics program which supports JPEG, and MS Office or compatible system is necessary.
  • Depending on the applicants, these two positions maybe merged into one.

Taking Applications
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