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The Office of the Kingdom Chronicler is looking for a Contingency Deputy. The role of the Contingency Deputy is to administer the office of Chronicler in such case as the Chronicler(s) are unable to continue in the office. You will not be assumed to be the next Chronicler, though would be encouraged to apply for the position at the end of our term.

In the event of stepping into the role of Principality Chronicler, you would be responsible for:
• Publishing the Avantgarde as per Society Policy and Kingdom Law.
• Supervising all Chroniclers within Avacal, maintaining warrants and contact lists.
• Maintaining communication with the Kingdom Chronicler and Branch Chroniclers.
• Maintaining files pertaining to the office, such as financial reports, warrant list, publication release forms, Branch Newsletters and reports, and every copy of the Avantgarde.
• Recording and distributing minutes from Kingdim Business Meetings ("Curia").

Training in the above will be happily provided, if needed. Knowledge of document creation would be handy, but is not necessary. The process is being streamlined into one that anyone with basic working knowledge of computer programs like MS Office would be able to easily produce the newsletter.


• Anyone wishing to apply for the position of Kingdom Rapier Marshal shall have been a senior rapier marshal for at least three years in good standing. 
• Be acceptable to the Crown and the Kingdom Earl Marshal.
• Shall be a paid member of the SCA.
• Anyone who has received a verbal or written warning in regards to the marshalate during the last twelve months need not apply.

• 1-2 hours of paperwork, emailing and data entry.
• Maintain the Kingdom of Avacal rapier files.
• Coordinate and present three marshal workshops a year in venues that cover the eastern, central and western portions of Avacal.
• Facilitate and guide as needed the Avacal Rapier Rules Committee in rules revisions, updates, rewrites and dealing with safety issues as they arise. This includes maintaining and moderating the Facebook group for the Avacal Rapier Rules Committee where the committee’s communication occurs. 
• Promote and advocate all areas of rapier, rapier combat and Cut & Thrust within Avacal and offer consul to the Crown as requested.
• Provide quarterly reports to the Kingdom Earl Marshal and the Society Rapier Marshal on the status of Rapier within Avacal.
• Train up a successor.
• Provide copies of the Avacal Book of Rapier to fighters on demand and as needed.
• Stay in regular communication with the Society Rapier Marshal, Kingdom Earl Marshal, Kingdom Cut & Thrust Marshal, Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshal, and Avacal Knight Marshals. 
• Fulfilling all listed duties as detailed in the Avacal Book of Rapier under Section 2.3. Responsibilities, pages 20-22 of 42.

Those who are interested in the position of Kingdom Rapier Marshal please send your SCA resume to:
the current Kingdom Rapier Marshal
Kingdom Earl Marshal
Their Majesties Avacal

Taking Applications

​The curia clerk will work with the Kingdom Chronicler and Seneschal to ensure that minutes are taken during Curia meetings held at Crown events and subsequently uploaded to the Avacal web site. 

If you are willing to help Avacal in this way please send an email outlining your skills and ideas for this new position to and

Taking Applications

​This officer is responsible for martialate activities related to Cut & Thrust. Details can be found in Avacal Law. 

If you are interested in this position, please direct questions to HE Reme. Applications can be sent to HE Reme (current officer), HE Toryn (Earl Marshal), and HE Roxanne (Kingdom Seneschal).

Taking Applications

​The Earl Marshal is responsible for the official safety management of all martial activities.

The Kingdom Earl Marshal, responsibilities as follows:
(a)         An agreement to serve as Earl Marshal.
(b)         As a the Kingdom Earl Marshal, if the Kingdom Heavy Deputy is incapable of MIC-ing Crown Tournaments, then it is the responsibility of the Kingdom Earl Marshal to MIC crown tournaments. 
(c)         Administration of the marshal systems within the kingdom.
(d)         Ensure the functionality and the continuation of the marshal system.
(e)         Adjudicate issues in relation to the Marshal system maintaining the integrity of the marshal system.
(f)           Authorizing all marshal activity manuals; additions and revisions.
(g)         Quarterly reporting to the Society Marshal, the Seneschal and the Crown regarding the state of the Marshallate within Avacal. 
         Kingdom Earl Marshal, is required to report on but not limited to:
      a.     Experimental Weapons, Armor or Practices
      b.     Any Problems or Injuries
      c.      Summary of Current Status
(h)         If disciplinary action that extends beyond the bounds of a single event is being taken against a fighter in your Kingdom (e.g., authorizations suspended or revoked, Courts of Chivalry), a brief account of what was done, to whom, and why. (If more information is needed, for example because of an appeal of the action, the Society Marshal will let you know.)
(i)           Shall maintain both, an individual warrant(s) and an online (electronic) roster(s), (required information on the roster system may be obtained from your Kingdom Seneschal); this task may be partially delegated to the Kingdom Minister of the Lists.
(j)           Answer correspondence from the Principality Earl Marshal, Regional Marshals, Knights Marshals of your Kingdom.
(k)         Establish additional specific reporting requirements based on the office.

Taking Applications

The role of the Submissions Herald is one of the senior staff in the Avacal College of Heralds and oversees two deputies, Internal Letter Pursuivant and the External Pursuivant. Please send resume and letter of intent by April 15, 2017, include copies to Kingdom Exchequer - and Sanguinaris Herald –

• This position handles submission fees and the successful candidate must be warranted with both the Sanguinaris Primary Herald and the Kingdom Exchequer. Reporting is required quarterly to both, at the appropriate times.
• The Submission Herald will facilitate the timely processing of the heraldic submissions (i.e. names, devices, badges, orders, awards, etc.) of the populace and branches, either directly or through designated deputies for the purposes of registration with the SCA.
• Knowledge of heraldry would be handy, but is not necessary. This is an administrative position. Knowledge of computer programs like OSCAR, Drop Box, a graphics program which supports JPEG, and MS Office or compatible system is necessary.

Taking Applications
The Sanguinaris Herald is the chief heraldic officer for the Kingdom and the head of the Avacal College of Heralds. Please send resume and letter of intent by May 15, 2017

The Sanguinaris Herald shall: Act as the Crown's Chief advisor in all heraldic matters. Act as the Voice of the Crown in coordination with the Event/Field Herald. Facilitate the timely processing of registration of the names, arms, devices and badges of the populace, groups and kingdom directly or through designated
deputies. Facilitate the timely notification to submitters either directly or through designed deputies of registration by the College of Arms or of a return at any level in writing to the individual submitter. Make and maintain the Order of Precedence and update the Awards Roster for Avacal directly or through designated deputies. Advise the Crown and the populace on matters of ceremony and protocol. Encourage the practice of heraldry within the Kingdom. Be responsible for official announcements at Kingdom events. Select and warrant a contingency deputy who meets the approval of the Crown within ninety (90) days of assuming office. Report according to Kingdom Law. Warrant heralds of the College and create a warrant list as per Kingdom law.

Taking Applications
Deputy is responsible for keeping the online Order of Precedence. Please send resume and letter of intent by
May 15, 2017, include a copy to Sanguinaris Herald –

• The online OP is an SQL database with a data entry user interface. Court reports are entered into form and the output is automatically sorted and updated on the webpage.
• Keeping and maintaining the online Roll of Arms. The Roll of Arms is an online pictorial database that currently shows the currently registered Primary Devices of the people of Avacal.
• Requires more actual heraldry knowledge
• Please contact Sanguinaris Herald for further information regarding this position

Taking Applications
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