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Seeking applications for the Office of Principal Herald of Avacal, known as the Sanguinaris Herald.  This position will need to be fulfilled in July of 2021.

The Officer is both challenging and rewarding. You will be coordinating and working with a great team of Heralds both inside our Kingdom and outside. 

The responsibilities of this office include:

Kingdom officers are required to have active membership status with the Society.

File Quarterly Reports from your officers and report to Avacal Curia and the Society Herald, known as Laurel.

Give good council to their Majesties and court regarding heraldic matters.  This includes Kingdom awards, devices, precedence, ceremonial, information about cultural aspects of the society and heraldic advice.

Attend monthly decision meeting to determine status of heraldic submissions.

Recruiting and training of new heralds is a way to grow the college and build a greater knowledge base.

Maintain a welcoming environment and abide by Society and Kingdom, laws and customs.

You are not expected to know and answer every question, but know what resources are available and how to seek them out. 


Please see the Society Herald Admin Handbook if you have further questions.


If you are interested in the challenging and rewarding job, please send an Email to and 

Taking Applications

We're seeking applications for the Office of the Webminister for Avacal.  This position will need to be filled in November 2021.  
The Kingdom Webminister provides the platform for officers and individuals to provide content.  Helping to maintain and improve the Kingdoms online presence at all levels.  

This office is in charge of:
- Maintaining the Kingdom website
- Oversight and support for branch Webministers
- reporting to the Society Webminister
- Maintaining the Email and associated systems
- Maintaining the Kingdom Web platforms

The minimum requirements for the postion are:
- Experience with writing or editing content
- Reliable email/Internet access
- A working telephone
- Regular contact with Kingdom activities
- Ability to meet the ongoing requirements of the Kingdom Webminister position as per society handbook

The following skills will need to be covered either by the Webminister or deputies:
- M365 tenant management
- Cpanel webhosting
- Domain management

If interested, please email both and 

Taking Applications
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