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Avacal is a Kingdom within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) comprised of the Provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and parts of British Columbia. The SCA is an international organization devoted to the research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century life, encouraging its participants to employ a knowledge of history to enrich their lives and the lives of others through events, demonstrations, and other educational venues. As an organization the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) values the principles of chivalry, honour, personal integrity, and artistry idealized in pre-Seventeenth century culture and society.

The Kingdom of Avacal hosts a number of events each year, the largest of which is Quad War. For a complete listing of events held in Avacal click on 'Upcoming Events' below or 'Avacal Calendar' on the left navigation.

New to the SCA? Many of your questions may be answered with these Resources and Information for Newcomers

Avacal Advocacy Council

Avacal is seeking 2-6 people for the position of Advocate Council.  The Avacal Advocacy Council will address situations when a member of the populace needs help understanding their options should they feel they are being mistreated.  The role of the Advocacy Council is to support the populace member in addressing their concerns respectfully to support a healthy culture within Avacal.  This support can help members to navigate kingdom laws and policies, listen to concerns, offer advice such as SCA policy and procedure options, and assist with conflict resolution.

One member of the Advocacy Council shall be the Avacal DEI officer.

Responsibilities of the Advocacy role:

  • Be willing to be approached during events, meetings or outside SCA formal events to assist with managing interpersonal conflict between populace members in an advisory role.
  • Actively listen to the concern of the populace member and validate facts by asking clarifying questions.
  • Offer feedback, where appropriate, and, if needed, support the design of scripting to address conflict by focusing on facts and the situation's impact.
  • They may be present with the populace member when they approach the other party in the efforts to resolve the conflict.

Considerations for this position:

  • Be considered by others to be approachable, open and willing to engage in dialogue.
  • Feels confident to partner with the DEI office, as required.
  • Comfortable with conflict, the ability to be objective, listen for facts and assumptions, and offer coaching to address the issue at hand.
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills and the ability to manage conflict without creating barriers
  • Be non-judgemental and keep the confidence of the people involved
  • Receive direction from the Kingdom Seneschal as per the grievance procedure/bullying and harassment policy requirement, etc.
  • Dependable access to email and phone.
  • Strong ability to build and maintain relationships across all peerages.
  • We are skilled at working collaboratively with all leadership across Avacal, including the Crown, Kingdom Seneschal, Baron and Baronesses, all group-level seneschals, etc.
  • Attend training to become skilled in Advocacy Training which includes: active listening, effective feedback, and managing conflict.

All officer positions must be paid by members of the SCA.

Please submit your mundane and SCA resume to the Kingdom Seneschal at

Applications will be received until January 31, 2023.

Thank you!

Wernar and Sadb
King and Queen

Masking Policy

Masking indoors is no longer mandatory as of Sept 5, 2022, if the covid numbers start to surge we will revisit the masking policy at that time.

Please support those individuals choosing to continue wearing a mask at events. 


Today, February 11, 2022 an alert announcement concerning David McDowell has been issued by the authorities. 

The Kingdom of Avacal issued a TRP on January 27, 2022 against David McDowell to remove him from SCA positions and prohibit him from all SCA activities. 

The Kingdom encourages anyone with information concerning the investigation to contact Edmonton police at 780.423.4567 or Crime Stoppers, or submit information anonymously through the online national cybertip website.

As Canada’s tipline for reporting online child sexual abuse and exploitation, is dedicated to reducing child victimization through technology, education, public awareness, along with supporting survivors and their families.
Pat Jackson
Seneschal, Avacal

Information on Resources

Greetings Dear Populace,

It's with grieving heart we share information to help those impacted by the devastating news regarding David McDowell known as Peregrine arrested for possession of child pornography. These are resources to help navigate our way through our grief.

Association of Sexual Assault Services         Alberta 1line for Sexual Violence 
             Anonymous Call or Text                       1 866 403 8000           9am-9pm, 7 days/wk 
  • Support and information for those Impacted from sexual violence
  • Find support general and specific in your location
  • Talk, listen and provide helpful information to your situation
  • Not connected to Police
  • Open to all ages
  • Available to Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia
211 Alberta Help Line                                     211                              24/7
  • General Information links to support and referrals
Edmonton Area
Distress Help Line                                           1 780 482 4357           24/7
  • General help to hear your concerns and find help and find resources to better help your situation
  • Techniques to help in emotional upset
Children's Mental Health Crisis Line               1 780 407 1000           8am-12 Am 7day/week
  • Talking with Children
  • Edmonton Stollery, Police, Child services
Police                                                              1 780 423 4567           24/7

  • To report an event related to offence.

Victim Services Unit                                        1 780 421 2217           9-4:30 M/F

  • Connected to Police.
  • Resources available to victims of the Offender

Zebra Child Protection Centre                        1 780 421 2385           8-4:30 M/F

  • Specialized child trauma interviewers
  • Connected to Police
Please remember he may have acted purposely and inappropriately and you are not to blame. Though we may feel betrayal, let us not stand in judgement. This is not a time to put on a brave face. Let us respect those who wish to share and those who are not ready. Let us heal together.

From the Crown

To Avacal,

We are devastated by what has happened in the Kingdom. No matter what happens next let’s make sure we respect the families involved and allow them their space. Please keep in mind that our responses can have as much or more impact on people as the traumatic event itself. We hope that the Kingdom will provide a stable source of support for all. Listening is often the best way to help support a survivor. Be patient with one another – everyone processes differently. We are not experts – far from it. If anyone needs counseling or assistance, please seek out professional help. Because this affects us all we are all part of the solution. In Service Vik and A’isha

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