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Information for Quad War 2018

Please thank the sponsors and organizers of each of the activities. They play a major role in making this game so enjoyable to play.


Armoured Arcuarius Tournament (Combat Archery)

Ran and sponsored by Henry of Bohemia and Matteao of the Hammered Kneadle.

This tournament is designed for the Arcuarius' of Avacal & Alies to showcase their combat archery skills to their inspirations , the populace and Archos alike. All combatants will participate in full combat armour. In order to participate combatants will need an Archos. Fear not if you do not have one, there is an opportunity to signs up to be an "Arcuarius for the day" with one of the Archos present.


Armoured Combat War

Organized by Warlord Sir Hjalti the WonderViking.

Calling all heavy armour fighters to participate in some war. Armies will be formed and scenarios will be fought. Fun will be had!

Quad war 2018 war scenarios
Hey Avacal - War season is almost here, and I look forward to seeing the great warriors of Avacal come together to test each other's mettle, and to find ways to complement each other's abilities - to that end here is what I have in mind for the heavy armoured war scenarios:
The 4 armies:
The shires
Each army will be randomly assigned a number 1-4

​Scenario # 1​Scenario # 2​Scenario # 3​Scenario # 4
​- Open field battle
- Armies 1&2 vs armies 3&4
- combat archery and siege included
​- Bridge battle
- Armies 1&3 vs armies 2&4
- combat archery and siege included
​- Boat battle
- armies 1&4 vs armies 2&3
- combat archery and siege included
- Castle battle
- Army with most wins vs other 3 armies

- remaining time could be used for people's choice battles
- it is my hope that this format will promote maximum participation, and allow all participants a chance to work together with each other and strengthen our forces prior to bringing them to bear in our upcoming inter-Kingdom wars
- I had some decent positive feedback from this sort of format last year; if you have concerns or other feedback please feel free to voice them to me. ( please be civil & constructive )
- thanks, folks! Your pal / Warlord,
 Sir Hjalti the WonderViking


Bordergate Defenders Tournament - Heavy Combat

Ran and sponsored by the Bordergate Heavy Defender. 

Come test your skill in heavy combat and defend this great Shire of Bordergate. Tournament details yet to be determined.

Do you operate with honour? Do you wish to defend and support others? Then The shire of Bordergate wants you!!! To be vying for defender of the sword of Bordergate! As current defender, I wish for my successor to do 3 things: 1. Host the next defender tourney. 2. Attend 1 or more Bordergate practices. 3. Always remember whom you represent as a defender. Format depending upon number of participants 


Newbie Flailfest Tournament

Ran and sponsored by Olaf the Snowman

This tournament is designed for Heavy Combat fighters with less that 3 years experience. Tournament details will be announced on site.

Are you new & shiny and ready to get hit with sticks? 
Not so new, slightly scuffed and ready to get hit with sticks?
There's a newbie tournament just for you. Flailfest was such a great success last year, we are going to do it again!
Unbelted (no sergeants or squires), three years or less actual fightin experience are invited to join in the fun times.

Sir William Marshall Tournament

Ran and sponsored by Odin's Bastards

This Quad war all armoured fighters of the Kingdom of Avacal regardless of rank or time fighting are invited to come test themselves again all comers. Sir William Marshall was one of, if not, the greatest medieval tournament fighters of all time. His prowess is the stuff of legend. Come write your own legend in one of Avacal's premier prize tournaments. Odin's Bastards are proud to sponsor this tournament that has no job or work attached to it. You don't even have to run next year's tournament. We will do that for you. There with be a prize to keep and an awe inspiring chalice to drink from for the year. The bragging rights could be yours.



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