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Information for Quad War 2018


Quad War 2018 A&S Unfinished Project / Feedback. (runs all day Saturday until after court)

Do you have an A&S project you are working on and would welcome feedback? Bring it to the A&S pavilion and display your handiwork. There will be a card for you to fill out with the project name and your name, and there will be a little notebook and pen placed beside it. Laurels, Apprentices, Students and any of the populace are invited to come and help out our aspiring artisans by looking over the projects and providing constructive feedback on what you liked about it and how they can improve. Please add your SCA name so the artisan can approach you at a later time for further dialogue on your comments. Come and add your expertise to help others!

Largesse Display / Donation (runs all day Saturday until just before court)

Not a dirty dozen or even a half dozen, just bring ONE item to the Largesse tent and display it. If you are extra ambitious, of course you can bring more than one! Cards provided to add your name and description on what the item is. This is not a contest, but we do ask the populace to come and drop a bean (provided) into the bowl(s) of the ones you like! There will be a small prize for the most beans, and all largesse displayed will be donated to the Kingdom. Show off your creations and help the Kingdom Largesse grow!

Outdoor Artisan Days

Organized by Kataryna Tkach 
For the two days after Quad War we will have the site open for Outdoor Artisan Days to happen, this means if you want to try stuff with the various wood ovens, the kilns, play with dye vats, process hemp or flax fiber or try other really cool things that you never seem to have the time and place to do you can try them here.

We have a group here to discuss the stuff that will be going on and I encourage everyone who wants to stay and play to speak up about what they want to do. If we can get groups together then we can all learn from each other as we go.

These are not classes - this is playing and experimenting with stuff you want to try (not all experiments work but all experiments are fun to try).

Things we know for sure will happen:
1) Cooking in the wood ovens and over fires or charcoal.
2) Kilns - fire bans and weather permitting - at least one pit fire will happen. We may have the salt kiln working and the Raku kiln running - depends on the number of folks that turn up to help. Running the kilns is a two day process and is usually done with shifts of people for the first day/night.
3) Dyeing - I know one person who will have an indigo vat and plans to dye everything blue - even your socks!
4) If there are enough people who want to, my plant fiber processing gear will be available with plant stalks for people to play and try it.

If you have experiments/trials/things you want to add - please feel free to add it in the group discussions on facebook or at Quad War (the cork board for this will be available at the TUA registration tent all weekend).

We'll have a white board/peg board at the TUA tent during the extra days and you can simply go up and leave an note for when and where your thing is occuring.
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