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Information for Quad War 2019


The Quad War site has a lovely Bardic grove complete with fire pit, benches and a some fire wood (please feel free to add to it, it is filled by volunteers and donations). The area is well treed with gentle banks for theatre style seating available. Bards are welcome here anytime to share their talents and entertain the good folk attending the event.


Quad War Youth Bardic Champion

(previously Bordergate Youth Bardic Defender) Organized by Rosaline Hampton.

Youth are invited to test their skills against once another in a battle of talent and enthusiasm. Come and support our young entertainers! Time listed in the main schedule under youth.


Bards of Avacal - A General Incentive!

Inspired and organized by Rosaline Hampton.


Our wonderful merchants are offering incentive to encourage more street performances at Quad War, the form of cookies, candy, beverages, and other wonderful things. If you see a merchant with a cup or tankard hanging by their door/off their table, a picture of a tankard, or yellow and red ribbons, you are encouraged to perform outside if their place of business for treats!!

If you are a merchant who would like to participate, or if you would like bards to perform at your camp, then feel free to join in and hang/post a mug and/or ribbons!

For the bards participating, some etiquette guidelines:
  • Please be kind and do not disrupt business or customers. Performances should be street style outside of the merchant's established area, unless you are invited inside. 
  • Treats are given at the discretion of the participating merchants and camps. Earn your treat! Let them come to you. Treats are a reward for awesome performance, not payment. 
  • A little goes a long way. Move around and give others a chance to perform. Try not to occupy space for too long, unless asked to stay.
  • Ask permission before entering a camp to perform. Entering a camp is like walking into someone's home. They may be happy to host a bard at that moment, or they may have other things on the go.
  • Please keep performances appropriate to the time of day and the audience. Bawdy songs at high noon on Merchant's Row is probably a bad idea.

As for performances, anything goes! Songs, stories, dance, instrumental... bring it on!
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Rosaline Hampton (Amanda Jack) on Facebook or at



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