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About the Location:

This amazing land location is privately owned by Stew & Gail Hiar. All of the buildings and structures have been developed and are privately owned by many individuals within our fair kingdom. Please walk around and enjoy all there is to see. Please be mindful and leave things just as nice as or better than you have found.

Any restricted areas marked with chainlink fence are not to be explored. 

There are several treed and grassy areas that have been developed as permanent camping sites. This may include removal or planting of trees, placements of wind breaks and bracken fences as well as permanent structures. These locations are either marked on-spot or in the general map of the site. If you are interested in developing your own space or wish to attend the site to prepare for the event or work on your space, you must contact the site owners, Stuart & Gail Hiar at (780) 639-6632, in advance to coordinate access. Arriving unannounced prior to the event is discouraged.



Local Marsden water can be collected at the water plant on the way through town if you are interested. Although it is potable it is not that pleasant with its high mineral content.

Water is available near the showers for washing purposes. It is not recommended that you drink this water. The delivery system does not maintain potable levels.

Please bring your own drinking water for the event as this will not be provided.


Garbage Disposal and Refundable Recycling:

Garbage and refundable recycling bags may be available at Gate. Please be considerate to those volunteers handling the refuse and sort accordingly.

In order to maintain our low event fees please consider taking your garbage with you when you leave and packing in such a way to minimize garbage generated. Garbage details will be share at gate or through the town crier.

There are a few garbage and recycling receptacles stationed throughout the Merchant area for general public use.


Volunteering prior to the event:

The event team may be looking for volunteers to assist with site preparations either weeks in advance or just a few days prior. If you are interested, please contact the event team or steward to inquire about volunteering. Many hands make for light work.

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