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Information for Quad War 2018

Please thank the sponsors and organizers of each of the activities. They play a major role in making this game so enjoyable to play.


Bordergate Defenders Tournament - Rapier

Ran and sponsored by the Bordergate Rapier Defender.

Come test your skill in rapier and defend this great Shire of Bordergate. Tournament details yet to be determined.


Delaroche Fourth Annual Rapier Prize Tournament

Ran and sponsored by House Delaroche. 

It's that time of year again. House Delaroche invites all Rapier Fighters to their annual prize tournament. The tourney format has traditionally been a round robin that will seed into a set of finals. We might switch it up a bit this year but rest assured it will be designed to guarantee plenty of fighting for all. As always there will be a delightful prize for the winner. See you there!​


Rapier Newbie - Scholar Tournament

Ran and sponsored by Matteo Della Marca.

Any fighter with less than 3 years' experience, who hasn't won any type of tournament before and is not taken as a cadet or provost is invited to participate in the Scholar Tournament. It will be a round robin with single elimination.


Rapier War

Organized by Master William Bennet.

Several scenarios will be scripted for your fighting pleasure, please stay tuned for details.

All scenarios will be held in or around the rapier melee village.
The team individual army with the most victories in scenarios 2, 3 and 4 is the winner of the war point.

Four Armies will be created:

  • Each Baronial Champion will be designated as their side's respective Commander.
  • The Shire army will choose one of their champions or Kingdom Rapier Campion as Commander.

Four scenarios are planned, Duels and Blood of the Heros Tournaments - see below for details.


Scenario 1 - Rally the troops for shelter.

  • Type - area control
  • Resurrections - yes
  • RBG – yes
  • Time Limit – 15 minutes or 1 team capturing 3 zones
  • Terms of Victory – The team with the most controlled zones wins. In the case of a tie, the tied team have a company duel.
  • Details - "Lay On" will be called promptly at 9:00am (so inspect and have your army there by than). Each team must enter through their rez point (indicated by the flag at the village entrance) upon the call of 'lay on'. Each commander (or designate) is to pick up the spare flag at their rez point. To capture a zone, the flag must be draped over the front door <facing the town square> lintel or over the stake for field control. The 5 control zones are: 3 building, 2 open field. Upon capturing the zone, the capturing team must throw any other teams flags back to the team whose flag it is. They will than commence a LOUD and SLOW count to 100 (about 1 count per second). If the flag it taken off the lintel or stake, the count must restart.
  • The winning commander will choose which army they will team up with for the next 3 scenarios. They will team up with each other army for 1 scenario (both with and without RBG versions)

    Scenario 2a + 2b - Show them what we've got.
  • Type - open field
  • Resurrections - no
  • RBG – yes / no
  • Time Limit - no
  • Terms of Victory - the last team with any live combatants is the victor.
  • Details - This is a standard open field battle. The scenario will be ran twice (once with and once without firearms). May use open field and buildings.

     Scenario 3a + 3b - The grass is greener.
  • Type - bridge battle
  • Resurrections - no
  • RBG - yes / no
  • Time Limit - no
  • Terms of Victory - The first team that has a combatant stand on the other teams bank for a loud count of 5 seconds is the victor.
  • Details - There will be a main (wide) bridge as well as a narrow 'foot bridge'. The scenario will be run twice (once with and once without firearms).

    Scenario 4a + 4b – The Holy Relic.
  • Type – defend the flag
  • Resurrections - yes
  • RBG – yes / no
  • Time Limit - no
  • Terms of Victory - The team who has candy fall from their piñata and hit the ground loses.
  • Details – Each team will be given a holy relic (piñata). Each commander will assign a relic bearer for the scenario. The relic bearer may not approach within 20 meters of the rez points, may not run, and may not carry anything the any hands touching the relic or its carrying pole. If the relic bearer is killed, they must drop to their knees for a count of 5 and may not move the relic. Only a team's designated relic bearer may touch its' relic. The opposing team may only hit the relic with weapons and shot. Resurrections must be completed in groups of 5.

     There will be time for other scenarios as folks want. Have a marshal and make teams. Have fun.

     Other Activities at the Rapier War Field

     Company Duel.
  • Type - Napoleon Tournament.
  • Resurrections - no
  • RBG - no
  • Time Limit - no
  • Terms of Victory - Last team with any fighters left wins.
  • Details - Each side choses 4 fighters to represent them. Each commander shall secretly order their fighters in whatever order they wish. Once the order has been established, the first fighter from each line enters the field to fight. The winner returns to the end of their side's line. The loser is eliminated. Double kills are a loss for each.

Blood of the Heros: Based off the 1989 movie, The Blood of Heroes, Blood of Heroes is a team game.

Objective: To get a PVC 'dog skull' onto a stake in your opponent's end of the field. The first team to score 2 points is the victor.

Teams: 5 fighters per team consisting of:

  • 1 Quick - armed with just a dagger. The only team member allowed to control the skull.
  • 1 Slash - armed with sword and dagger.
  • 2 Drives - armed with sword and baton OR 2-handed sword.
  • 1 Chain - armed with sword and bucker OR sword and cloak. The chain must remain in their own half of the field.

  • No running. One foot must remain on the ground at all times.
  • The ref's word is final.
  • No throwing the skull.

     Match Start:
  • The skull starts in the centre circle. Only the Quicks may enter the circle until the skull leaves it. (be it carried out or kicked out)
  • Limbs - Being hit in the limbs is a loss of its use (posting for legs). Anyone may choose to take a death to get rid of' Limbing' effects. Any hit on the Quick counts as a death.
  • Death - Death is not permanent. Upon being killed a fighter must immediately drop to one knee (Quick must drop the skull a couple feet from them) for a loud count of 5 (one thousand one, one thousand two, etc.). After the 5 count, you may stand up and say "UP".
  • Death from Behind - DFB is the approved way to hit an opponent from outside their FCE.
  • Pinning - A fighter may prevent a downed opponent from getting up by 'pinning' them. This is done by looking them in the eye, placing your weapon on their chest and repeating "you are pinned, you are pinned". Should you look away, they may knock your weapon away and get up. Should you remove your weapon, they may get up.
  • Violations - on any violation, the ref may call you "down". This is equivalent of being killed (5 count). The refs should use active marshalling techniques.


Quad War 2018 Rapier TRPs

  • Four Armies will be created:
    • Each Baronial Champion will be designated as their side's respective Commander.
    • The Shire army will choose one of their champions or Kingdom Rapier Campion as Commander.
  • Commanders:
    • may assign responsibilities as they see fit.
    • may designate any field marshals to perform inspections for their respective force.
    • shall provide a minimum of 1 field marshal per scenario.
  • All combatants MUST be inspected prior to participating in any scenarios of the war
  • RBG inspections - all RBGs and bands shall be inspected before use.  All fired or dropped shot must be inspected between scenarios.
  • Each scenario will begin when all commanders signals they are ready. (with the exception of the first scenario)
  • A whistle will be considered equivalent to a call of 'hold'
  • Resurrections:
    • When allowed, touching the resurrection point for 3 seconds will bring you back into the scenario.
    • Weapons should be held over your head when returning to the resurrection point.
    • Limbed fighters may choose to take a death to return to the resurrection point.
    • Please, be aware of scenario specific limitations.
  • RBG use:
    • There will be an assortment of RBG allowed and RBG not allowed scenarios.
    • For RBG allowed scenarios – limit of 2 firearms per fighter
    • Shots limited to commander's discretion
    • A count of 5 seconds must be completed from the time a combatant starts to load a RBG and the time it can be fired. The only other action allowed during this time is movement.  (5 second delay in being able to fire with the same weapon)
    • All RBGs will start each scenario unloaded.
    • Any shot that touches the ground may not be used until being inspected between scenarios.




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