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Information for Quad War 2019

Please thank the sponsors and organizers of each of the activities. They play a major role in making this game so enjoyable to play.


Populace Shoot and Prize Tournament - Target Archery

Ran and sponsored by Ayame Houjou.

Come test your skill in Bow & Arrow at a fun populace shoot. Tournament details yet to be determined.


Iron Arrow Invitational Shoot

Has  not yet been confirmed. The champion of arrows for the Kingdom of Avacal has been challenged by the second place holder, the Iron Arrow. These two archers are crafting a tournament for the best of the best to compete. As this is an invitational shoot it will not be open for all to participate.


Hammered Kneadle Target Prize Triathlon

Ran and sponsored by the Hammered Kneadle.

The HK waffles back and forth between triathlon and pentathalon - this year it's the triathlon! The HK would like to encourage more participants in the thrown weapons discipline. This event will include cumulative scores from three of the Thrown Weapons categories - Axe, Knife and Spear (no atl-atls). In order to provide an even balance of scores between the disciplines, this tourney will not follow standard Avacal target size and scoring. Details will be explained at the competition.

"The Hammered Kneadle would like to invite you out to participate in a prize tournament while you test your skills in Target. What can be more rousing than throwing a sharp hunk of metal at an object? There will be a limit on the number of participants due to time, so sign up early and don't miss out. Sign up at the Hammered Kneadle on Merchants Row or during weapons inspection prior to the tournament."

The Hammered Kneadle

It is highly encouraged that participants in the tournament have some prior experience and familiarity with Thrown Weapons. Schedule and time permitting there will be warm up time permitted.

Personal thrown weapons are encouraged to be used by participants in the tourney. However, for those that do not have a complete set, there will be loaner gear (crossbow/combat bolts, spear, axe, knives [no bow/arrows though])) available for use for a small tithe (to pay for bent knives and broken axe handles).

Please ensure your thrown weapons meet the requirements set forth in the Avacal Book of Thrown Weapons:

Avacal Book of Thrown Weapons



War Bow Shoot - no longer available.

We are looking for willing leaders to bring this amazing activity back to the fields of Quad.


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