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Information for Quad War 2019

Please thank the sponsors and organizers of each of the activities. They play a major role in making this game so enjoyable to play.

Please note we are in the process of updating this page.

Other Youth Activites

Organized and ran by individuals listed.

Castles - Daegan O'Malley

A fun learning session about castles. No specific time. Children will be rounded up when the class is ready to start.


What Do You Know About REAL Pirates? - Peregrine

Question and Answers for young people about pirates in the SCA period:  When were they active?  Who were they? Where did they live and prey?  Were there female pirates?  And since pirates seem so scary, who was afraid them? The answers may surprise you - for example, the Viking ship now on display in the Royal Alberta Museum was sunk on purpose - by Vikings - in about 1070 - at the entrance to Roskilde harbour to protect against enemies like pirates!

Saturday Morning 11-12 Noon.  See the TUA Schedule for details


Introduction to Siege Class - Peregrine

An introductory class for young people on siege engineering, including castle design and siege engines.  Hands on use of table-top catapults against different targets, using ecologically friendly (and delicious) ammunition.

Sunday Afternoon 1-3 PM.  See the TUA Schedule for details


Youth Armoured Combat Activities

Organized and ran by Peregrine.

Please ensure that you and your youth are up to date on the rules and regulations require for combat. Parent or guardian must be present for all YAC fighting. The reference document can be found at the following:

Avacal Book of Youth Combat



IMPORTANT: SCA Youth Policy as defined in the Seneschal's Handbook states:

'Parents or guardians of minors shall have ultimate responsibility for the welfare and behavior of their children at all times. It is the responsibility of the adult who brings a minor to an event to ensure that the minor is safe and not in danger. At events and activities in which youth participate in any way, participating minors must either have a parent or legal guardian present at the event/activity, or a temporary guardian present in possession of a properly executed "Medical Authorization Form for Minors." This Medical Authorization Form must designate an adult present at the event or activity as able to authorize medical treatment in the case of emergency. "Present" is defined as the parent or guardian being in direct sight and sound of the minor youth. SCA youth activities are not babysitting services and parents are not allowed to simply drop off their children and leave the area of the activity to take part in other activities.'

If you will be bringing a minor that is not your child to the Quad War event, or to the Youth Activities at the event, please ensure that you have copies of the "Medical Authorization Form for Minors" signed by parent or legal guardian.  Note that the form can designate up to three adults as temporary guardians, and an adult can act as temporary guardians for multiple children at any event or activity, so it recommended that multiple individuals (each with their signed copy of the form) be arranged to maximize flexibility and coverage.

Youth Armoured Combat Activities

There will be two Youth Armoured Combat practices – a one hour warmup on Saturday afternoon near the main erics and a two hour practice on Sunday morning hopefully at the Castle. Please refer to the schedule for time details.

Some loaner armour will be available, but it is limited in numbers and sizes, so we may not be able to accommodate everyone.  Those wanting to borrow loaner armour should arrive with their parent or guardian at least one half hour before the scheduled start of practice, and the parent is expected to help with putting armour on their child.


  1. All youth combat fighters must have their parent or guardian present at the during combat. 
  2. A Minor Waiver (in addition to the one turned in at gate) must also be provided for each combat session.

Participants should have:

  1. Closed toe shoes (running shoes are good)
  2. Long sleeved shirt and pants
  3. Any armour they can bring (e.g.  groin protection - athletic cup for boys, jill for girls)
  4. Chairs for participant and parent or guardian


Youth Target Tournament and Experience

Organized and ran by Elias.

Please ensure that you and your youth are up to date on the rules and regulations for Taret Archery. Parent or guardian must be present. The reference document can be found at the following:

Avacal Book of Target Archery 


DETAILS are listed in TUA classes, but will update here shortly.


Youth Thrown Weapons Tournament and Experience

Organized and ran by Magnus & Serene

For those youth that are of age (9), please ensure that adult and youth are up to date on the rules and regulations for Thrown Weapons. Parent or guardian must be present. The reference document can be found at the following:

 Avacal Book of Thrown Weapons


Kids Thrown Weapon Practice & Tourney Sunday 4th @1pm We are so excited to get the next generations excited about Thrown Weapons! Thrown weapons can be an inexpensive hobby that people of all abilities can enjoy. Join us as we teach your littles the rules of the range and how to throw the things! This is a class for all ages, and we will end with a little competition for the different age groups (8 and under, 9-13, 14+). Children 8 and under will be throwing modified equipment, or things that utilize some of the same movements as standard thrown weapons. Kids 9+ will be throwing standard weapons, if they are able to do so safely. (Youth division is 9-13) Parents must be in attendance, the younger the child the more we expect the parent to assist with them. Because of the safety needs, children’s behaviour must be under control. Because of the wide range of ages we expect a big group, so children must understand that their turns are limited. This is a basic practice session to encourage kids and their parents to get involved in Thrown Weapons. Pre-registration is preferred. I’m not sure on a limit yet as it will depend on the age ranges and such. So we’ll hit that bridge when we come to it.
YIS, Lady Seren and Lord Magnus


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