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  • The Board of Directors has given approval for Avacal to go ahead with the second polling.
  • Ballots will be mailed out to all Avacal paid members from May 7 to July 7, 2014.
  • Note: Since the final day of the poll is July 7, 2014, no ballot will be opened after this date (even if it's post-marked prior to this date). We suggest everyone has their ballots in by June 25, 2014 to make sure they're received by this date.
  • If your membership information in the SCA system has your up-to-date address (if not update it at, a ballot will be mailed to you. Fill it out and mail it using the self-addressed envelope that will come with your ballot.
  • If you are a non-member, you can still vote, but since your mailing address is not in the system, you will be responsible for downloading and mailing in your own ballot. Click here to download the Ballot Form
  • Any member of the Society for Creative Anachronism can participate, even those under the age of 18.
  • Master Ljotr Einarsson in Tir Righ, as appointed by the Kingdom Seneschal and approved by the Board of Directors, will be collecting the ballots.
  • Only Master Ljotr will have access to these ballots, the personal information on them, or the information as to who voted which way.
  • We need a return that is "representative" of the population of Avacal. This has been set at approximately 75 percent of all paid memberships
  • We need an overwhelming "consensus" demonstrating either the desire to become a Kingdom or to remain a Principality for the SCA Board of Directors to continue pursuing a decision on the subject one way or the other.
  • This opinion poll will be used to guide the SCA Board of Directors in its decision as to whether or not to allow Avacal to become a kingdom. It will help inform their decision by letting them know what the populace thinks of the idea.
  • It’s important to stress that this is an opinion poll, and not an election. The results of the poll will help inform the BOD’s final decision, but it is not binding.
  • This question is going to be used to make sure that all levels are heard from. While it is true that a peerage can indicate a significant level of involvement in the game, and it’s important that those views are heard, the BOD wants to be sure that they are hearing from more than just the peers.
  • This question will help the BOD identify whether or not the entire populace has been engaged in the process and is being reflected in the opinion results.
  • The reality is that we need all paid members to participate in the poll for the kingdom bid process to go further, since paid members is how they will count the percentage. Without at least 75 per cent of paid memberships responding, the BOD will not consider this current request beyond this point.
  • And even if your answer is ‘no’ or ‘no opinion, the BOD wants to hear your opinion. What you think matters.
  • In a nutshell, do you want Avacal to be a kingdom – yes / no / no opinion.
  • The question also allows for comments.
  • It should be noted that there is no "not now" choice on the ballot because the SCA Board of Directors is not concerned about the future in this respect. They want to know about the populaces' present thoughts on the subject, so it’s a snapshot in time.
  • Other than the main polling questions, there are other questions that are required to identify paid members and to ensure only 1 ballot per person is counted.
  • There are also questions asking about your award level to ensure that every voice is heard, not just the voices of peers.
  • The polling question prepared by Her Excellency Inga has now been approved by the Kingdom, Principality and Society Seneschals. The Society Seneschal had ultimate approval of the questions being asked.
  • ​There are local people in each area that you can speak to; however, you can send your questions to HE Kirk Einarsson (Kirk Burney) – Avacal Principality Seneschal at or your new Kingdom team lead, Fjall Ljotrsson (Mark Hammer) at
  • Yes, there is space on the polling form for additional comments.
  • You can also make your opinion heard by sending in your ballot or join the discussions on line or send questions to Kirk and Fjall.
  • On a whole, Avacal will be able to govern its own affairs. We have our own laws that reflect our own culture. We would still answer to the – but we would no longer report to An Tir.
  • Our Principality events become Avacal Kingdom events and we no longer have to worry about conflicting dates with An Tir, The Summits and Tir Righ.
  • In time they may should they have the population and desire to support it.
  • There has always been a grassroots movement to move Avacal to Kingdom. This has been discussed for many, many years.
  • The decision eight years ago was that when Avacal had the membership base to support going to Kingdom then we would pursue it. Questions were asked of the populace thru 2012 and 2013 and overwhelmingly there was vocal support to move forward. So we did.
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