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Why a Kingdom Bid?

For many years, there has been a grassroots movement in Avacal to pursue the idea of Avacal becoming its own kingdom. Though the discussion has been going on for many years, it was eight years ago that it was decided that when Avacal had the membership base to support going to kingdom, we would pursue it.

The question was asked of the populace throughout 2012 and 2013 through informal polling (as opposed to the official opinion poll we are about to conduct), and there was significant support to move forward to collectively pursue the possibility of becoming a kingdom.

A previous opinion poll was conducted last year; however, it was officially deemed invalid due to a lack of participation. By society law, the opinion polling can only be considered valid if the majority of paid SCA members participate in the poll – regardless of whether they vote 'yes', 'no' or "no opinion".  It truly doesn't matter how you vote…just that you vote. This way we can be sure to have an official and valid polling.

The Board of Directors has given approval for Avacal to conduct a new opinion poll from May 7 to July 7, 2014.


The Kingdom Bid Process:

The following is a general overview of the kingdom bid process, from its initial inception to the final decision. Avacal is currently at step 6 (bolded), and final dates will be announced shortly.

1.    At a grassroots level, the principality collectively decides if we should pursue the idea of becoming a kingdom.

2.    The principality seneschal says 'yes' or 'no' to the idea of pursuing kingdom.

3.    An online, informal polling is conducted to get a general idea of what people think, and if there are enough people interested in the idea for it to be worth pursuing.

4.    The principality seneschal stands before the Board of Directors of the SCA, with a proposal asking for permission to conduct a true polling of its members on the idea of going to kingdom. Avacal received this permission.

5.    With a yes answer, the Kingdom of An Tir appoints an independent polling officer (Liotr) and the Society Seneschal approves.

6.    The official polling, based on membership numbers, is conducted to get an idea of what the populace thinks of the idea and if there are enough people interested to pursue it.

7.    The official poll is approved by both the kingdom and the society seneschal.

8.    The results of the poll are sent to the SCA board of directors for consideration in their decision as to whether or not the principality should be allowed to move to kingdom level.

9.    The Board of Directors of the SCA makes the final decision.

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