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Coronation Ceremony - June AS 53

Herald: Their Majesties call into Their court His Royal Highness, Ivar the Black

His Royal Highness: Your Majesties, with your permission I would like to address your populace.

Hello Avacal. I am your Crown Prince, and I have a confession to make. When I set myself to writing a ceremony for our coronation, I found myself unequal to the task. A coronation ceremony is a monarch’s first impression on the populace. A means of introduction, and a way to set the tone for their reign. But everything I wrote sounded like someone else’s ceremony.

So I did what I do best; I stopped thinking. I stopped thinking and looked to the heart. As I am a storyteller at heart. what better way to introduce myself than to tell you all a story.

Our story begins with a boy of 15 tender years. A shy boy, not very athletic, who liked to read history and exciting stories about knights and valour. One day the boy went to a festival with his best friend, and there did they see wondrous things. Warriors clashing, charming and beautiful damsels, clever artisans! The boy and his friend were enthralled and hungered to know more of this society and its activities. And so they were invited to the manor house of the local chatelain. In that house they learned of the societies ways. It was there that they first heard the word “Avacal.”

That was an exciting day in the life of the boy. He and his friend came away from the chatelaine’s manor house talking about all the things they could do in the society. They could fight! They could learn to make armour! And the boy thought to himself how grand it would be to one day become a squire. Maybe even a knight. And as long as he was dreaming, perhaps one day a king. And on top of all of that, as if that was not enough, there was this girl. In the end, it’s always about a girl, isn’t it? He had to get back and talk to that girl, who lived in the chatelaine’s manor house.

The boy did not get the girl. She was too beautiful for him, too well spoken, and frankly, too smart. And the boy was shy, and not very athletic. They did become good friends though. And for many years they were friends. Eventually, the girl’s life took her in other directions, away from the society, away from the boy, and on to other things. Eventually they lost touch. These things happen.

But in the society, the boy flourished. Throughout the years, he learned to fight, to make armour, to sing, to revel, and live life. In the society the boy forged friendships that would last a lifetime. He traveled to other kingdoms and learned other cultures. He found courage, strove for valour, aspired to chivalry. In the society, the boy learned who he was. And one day that boy did become a squire. And one day, a knight. But he never forgot that girl.

Until one day, there she was. Fated to meet in the most unlikely circumstances, they stood face to face. And the boy, now a man, would not miss his chance a second time. And I was no longer shy. Athletic? Maybe. But I was definitely in love. With her.

(Ivar and Asney walk to meet each other down the aisle)

Her Royal Highness: And I was in love with him. He was mine, and I was his. Eventually, we were married. We ruled these lands as your Prince and Princess a long time ago.

(they bow to the Crown, and turn to face the crowd)

But as fate would have it, our path took us away, and we stepped back from Avacal to focus on family, and life together. For there is nothing more important to us in this world than this family. 

(Greyson and Roman run to Their Royal Highness)

But our love for this land and her people never left us. And little by little, we returned to Avacal. Little by little, we returned home. And now we stand before you today.

His Royal Highness: Avacal, at our last crown tournament, I made you a promise. I promised you that, should I be fortunate enough to win the day against my brother, I would deliver to you one hell of a queen. I spoke of her courage, I spoke of her acumen, and of her compassion. Avacal, I am here today to keep that promise.

(they turn to face the Crown)

Your Majesties, I am Ivar the Black, son of Rorik. Brother of Gunther, Sire of Wernar, Grand Sire of Elias, bastard of Odin, and Sire of the Ring Giver Himself. This is Asney Grimsdottir, the sun in my sky, the song in my heart, and the strength in my arm. You know us well, and we are here today to stake our claim to the Crowns of Avacal. Four months ago you called your warriors to arms, to choose your successor. By Asney’s inspiration, by my strength, by guile, and by no small amount of prayer, I won the day. And so I beg a boon.

Great King, once, long ago, you followed me as a squire. We became equals when you were knighted, and that was a joyous day. And when you ascended the throne Asney and I served you both faithfully as our rightful sovereigns. We now ask that you pass the mantle of leadership to us, so that you may go and enjoy the prosperity that you have sown in this great kingdom.

Their Majesties: We hear your words, Crown Prince. We have seen your actions and we know you and her Highness well. We witnessed your victory on Our field, and we know yours to be a just claim. But you must understand that it takes more than a strong couple to rule a kingdom. The Crown needs a host of support. We only see the two of you before us.

Her Royal Highness: We have been gathering a host, your Majesty. (turning to the crowd) Let our people come forth! Those who have pledged themselves to us, please step forward! Our time is now.

Majesties: It seems you are well prepared indeed. Come forward and receive from us what is yours by right of arms.

(Their Royal Highnesses kneel)

Herald: Now do you both swear to serve and protect the Kingdom of Avacal and her people to the utmost of your power? That you will govern our people according to the laws and customs of Avacal? That your Law and Justice be tempered by mercy in all your judgments? And that you set an example of honor to all, so long as you remain King and Queen of Avacal?

Royal Highnesses: I so swear

(Majesties remove their crowns)

King: Ivar the Black, mindful of your prowess in the crown lists and the grace of fair Asney, in accordance with the laws and customs of Our land, we name you King of Avacal 

(Prince is Crowned).

King: Rise, King Ivar, and Crown your Queen.

(Queen hands Ivar her crown)

King Ivar: Asney, through your love and support, you have inspired me to be a better man, husband, father, and knight than I ever thought possible. I am grateful for you every day. Please join me in ruling this kingdom at my side. I hereby name you Queen of Avacal.

(Asney is Crowned)

King Ivar: Kvigr and Svava, Our kingdom owes you a great debt. Avacal has prospered under your fair and just rule. Go forth now and enjoy the respite which you have most assuredly earned. Go forth now with the gratitude of a kingdom.

Avacal, today we have shared with you our story thus far. We invite you all to join us for the next chapter. We do not know how it will end, but the telling promises to be quite an adventure.

Herald: Three cheers for the new King and Queen of Avacal!

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