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Ivar the Black
Asney Grimolfrsdottir

Asney device
​Persona Period
10th Century Dane
10th Century Dane, Italian 1550+
​Drink(s) of choice
Wine, cold beer, coke zero, water
cabernet sauvignon; sauvignon blanc; iced tea; coke zero; water
Snack(s) of choice
ketchup chips, nuts, gummy candies, licorice, fruit
fighting, armouring, SCA history, leatherworking
Rapier, inkle & tablet weaving, blackwork, period/perioid embroidery, period dancing, SCA history, dogs

gossip mongering and people who actively try and ruin someone else's day
all flavoured wiskey, cats, codine
dairy, strawberries, penicillin, sulfates


Greetings Populace of Avacal

At Our Coronoation, We choose not to schedule a Nobel Estates meeting at the event. Being from a shire and as royal peer, We have been able to represent Sigelhundas at those meetings; many of our shires/incipient shires don’t have that opportunity as there may not be active nobels from those areas. 

Therefore, during Our reign We will be changing the way that Nobel Estates meetings take place. We have instead decided to hold “All-things” but not as formal  - so more like “Some-things” where We can connect with the populace or representatives of them in all groups. We will discuss things such as: how is population base, what are you doing to retain members, any challenges or concerns we should know about, how is the culture of the group etc.

As the Baron and Baroness represent the baronies We will be meeting directly with them as well as any Nobels from that barony who choose to attend. If the populace members from the Barony would like items to be discussed at that council, we will encourage them to meet with their royal representatives to have them brought forward. As an alternative, populace members are also always welcome to contact Us directly via email or in person if they wish. 

For the remainder of the shires/incipient shires We will be holding discussions where the entire populace is welcome to attend – including the sponsor barony representatives, or royal peers if they have any.


Meetings will be held during the following dates:

- at Yule: Borealis

- at Montengarde 12th night: Montengarde

- at Crown: Vinjar & Myragardr– two separate discussions

- at Skeld the Hall: Myrgan Wood

- at TUA: Bitter End

- at Ferrets Feast: Valley Wold

- In Sigelhundas: we will attend a curia meeting for this purpose

If a locations name was not listed above, it means that during Our reign, there is not an event being held or the location is not close enough to an event being held. In that situation, We will be coordinating with the seneschal to hold a conference call with Us during one of their business meetings so that each group gets time with Us. 

We look forward to spending more time with you.

Ivar & Asney

King & Queen of Avacal

​Persona Period

​Drink(s) of choice

​Snack(s) of choice



​Food Issues

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