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Ivar the BlackAsney Grimolfrsdottir

IvarDevice small.png
AsneyDevice small.png
Persona Period
Danish 10C
Italian 1650
Norse 10c
Drink(s) of Choice
Alcoholic: dry cider, very cold beer, most wines, rye and coke zero. 
Non-Alcoholic:very cold water (flat and carbonated, with and without lemon)

Alcoholic: Cabernet Sauvignon, Crown Royal and Coke Zero, Gin and Tonic, Lime Margarita on the Rocks, 

Non-Alcoholic: Water, Flavoured Perrier, Lemonade

Snack(s) of Choice
Most things low carb. Meat is good. Olives, cheese.
Variety of meats, cookies, crackers, hummus, fruits, chocolates/desserts, vegetables, olives, chips
Likes/InterestsNorse culture, SCA history
Rapier, Embroidery, Costuming, Norse Culture, late period European culture, Dogs 
DislikesWhiners, homemade alcohol (unless you really know your stuff)Grouchy people
Food Issues
Tries to eat Keto/Low Carb. It's not a religion, just a preference.

Allergies: all dairy and strawberries

Dislikes: pastrami, montreal smoked meats 

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Fergus of Carlisle
​Kora Kendal

​Persona Period
​Scottish 11C
​Scottish 14C
​Drink(s) of choice
​Alcoholic: Most beers, with preference to brown, Gin and Soda

Non alcoholic: Water, Coffee, Coke zero
​Alcoholic: None

Non alcoholic: Water, tea, and coffee.  Does not drink carbonated or sugary drinks.
​Snack(s) of choice
​Meat, cheese, nuts, Fresh veggies, and olives.
​Berries, nuts, cheese, and olives
​Period shoes, and leatherworking in general. Youth combat and activities.  SCA and period history and culture.
​Dancing, Embroidery, scribil, knitting, and birds
​People in her personal space without asking.
​Food Issues
​Allergies : Raw Cherries, apples, and plums.  Hazlenuts

Tries to watch what/how much he eats, don't feel bad if the offer of food is politly turned down.  Portion control is important
​Dislikes: overly spicey food.  Jelaton textures 

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