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On Ring Givers windswept plains,

warriors ventured bravely forth,

in the Thunder God's din.

The slayer of giants towers over the land,

the royal progeny, has felled many mighty men.

The realm passes to the kin of Tiernan.

The goddess of the arm where hawks purchase,

strengthens heroes valor. Oaks of battle are laid low,

offerings to the peace givers grace.

Arnbjorn and Inga side by side,

on the gryphon thrones.

Greetings unto the Populace of Avacal from King Arnsbjorn and Queen Inga.

Thank you all for your support during our reign. We are very excited to serve the Kingdom of Avacal and her people. It is our desire to help the Kingdom continue to grow, and support you all in your quest for the dream.

We have planned to attend as many events as possible to support our Baronies, Shires, and holdings. Our schedule is quite full, and we hope that you will all join us on our quest to see all of our lands!

We will be traveling to Pennsic, with some few gentles, and will be the first Royal representatives of the Kingdom of Avacal to attend that event. It is only through the generosity of Jarl Wernar and Greifynja Helene, that we are able to represent you all at this event. We thank them for their two handed gift giving, and hard work in balancing the calendar. We invite all who are able to join Us on this epic adventure!

We will also be traveling to Avacal Tir Righ war, Quad War, and Whipping Winds. We call upon all of you to join us! Let us show what has made Avacal a Kingdom, let the known world stand in awe of our prowess!

In August we will choosing our heirs, the rules of the tournament will be made known as quickly as possible so that you may prepare.



King Arnsbjorn and Queen Inga.

Please check Royal Progress for a complete list of all the wonderful places we will be travelling.

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