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​The College of Scribes and Illuminators exists to foster the scribal arts, cultivate scribal talent and manage the creation of scrolls and charters for the Royalty and award recipients within Avacal.

The College includes the following:

The Kingdom Scribe aka The Gules Signet. 

Chief scribe for the Kingdom. They are to foster and support the growth of the scribal arts in Avacal. They are responsible for all scrolls and charters that are produced within the Kingdom. They are responsible for assuring the accuracy of scrolls, their timely assignment and completion, and their delivery to the recipients. In the absence of a Royal Scribe, they are required to serve the Crowns in this capacity as well. They are also the holder of the Kingdom Seal.

Kingdom Scribe Deputies

They are to assist and support the Gules Signet in the execution of their duties and in fostering the growth of the scribal arts.

The Royal Scribe

The Royals Scribe is appointed by the Crown and is a member of the royal retinue entrusted throughout the reign with seeing to the Crown's scribal needs. They are responsible, in cooperation with the Crown and Gules Signet for the design and preparation of charter scrolls for the current reign and for ensuring any original scrolls that the Crown may request are provided, for ensuring that each recipient's name is neatly printed onto the charter or scroll, and for coordinating the reporting of the names of recipients to the Gules Signet​ and the College of Heralds. They are also responsible for affixing the Kingdom Seals to the charter and scrolls and for assisting the Crown with the task of signing each charter or scroll. They report to and communicate with Gules Signet if there are any problems.


Branch Scribes

Each Barony and Shire within Avacal is encouraged to have a scribe who is responsible for assisting the Gules Signet with producing original scrolls and scribal education in their area. This person is often the head of the local scriptorium and may also have other duties assigned to them by their Barons, Baronesses or Seneschals.


Scribes and Illuminators

Your only responsibility as a Scribe and Illuminator in the Kingdom of Avacal, is to share knowledge with others to ensure the continuation of our craft. Since all work within the Kingdom is assigned on a voluntary basis, scribes may participate to any extent they wish. Scribes and Illuminators interested in supporting the College of Scribes and Illuminators in meeting the needs of the Principaltiy and being approached about commissions are invited to register with the College.


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